The Battletech Party

    Come to the Harz Mountains; come to where the dice roll !!! ;O)

    Phoenix Guard.

Until we have something new for you,
here is the information and details from last year !!!

Prices etc.

Room requests from prepayers will be given priority!

Contribution towards expenses incl. coffee & tea flat rate

Wednesday: Arrival possible with advance payment for Thursday
140,- € from Thursday (120,- € if paid in advance)
120,- € from Friday (with prepayment 100,- €)
40,- € from Saturday (with prepayment incl. overnight stay)

You must bring your own sheets and pillowcases.


Preliminary programme:

With the kind support of:




Any questions? Then write to us:

Arrival possible from Wednesday at 18:00

- Wednesday evening is self-catering.
- On Thursday there will be breakfast and a simple lunch.
- Until Thursday noon there will be set-up, so maybe help out a bit or at least don't get in the way ;O)
- when the tables are ready you can start playing right away, just pack bows for the first rounds!

Arrival, chilling + chapter fights ;O)
Official start of the con on Thursday from 3 pm.

During the whole con, several computers with internet access will be available for entering fights.

Miniatures that cost hours of handicraft and painting should also be shown to inspire others and to exchange ideas. It is always nice to see a rarity or maybe a funny mini from close up.

We would like to offer all Con visitors to contribute something to our showcase. If you want to show your own figure conversions, great paintjobs or just a rare figure, you are invited to present it in our showcase for everyone!

So let your darling off the leash to present itself with others on this stage.

We are already looking forward to it ;).

Plushie Paint and Modelling Contest

Based on the Plushie Mechs from the Kickstarter, this year's task is to paint your cuddly mech in their colour pattern. The mech chassis may differ, but the camo must match one of the Plushies!
We are especially curious to see how you design the BT Mini as a cuddly mech ;O)

You may do whatever you like with the figure, as long as the original unit is still clearly recognisable.
Posing, modding and base design are explicitly desired.

Max, base diameter is 5cm + largest figure size is max. 7cm.

- The selected unit must correspond to one of the Plushie Camos!!!

1 entry per participant

The 4 points will be judged:
- Idea & Overall Impression
- Paintjob
- Base design incl. modding
- The cuddle factor ;O)

This will be judged by the con-goers.

The figures have to be submitted until Friday and will then be exhibited in the showcase from 6pm.

Prizes will be awarded late Saturday evening after the tournaments.

We are looking forward to your contributions!

Scenario Tukayyid 3052

A star Diamond Sharks is scouting the area as an advance party, a level II of Comstar is already waiting for the Diamond Sharks!

Choose your side!

Fight for a new Star Alliance under clan rule,
or for the freedom of the Inner Sphere!


Hardwar is set in the 22nd century and is a fast 6 mm tabletop game from Strato Minatures. Corporations, alliances of states and private armies fight for supremacy on Earth and Mars.

Electronic warfare and the hardbot, similar to a battlemech, are at the forefront of the battle. But hardbots are not the only formidable weapons. Even tanks and simple infantry should not be underestimated.

The rules are easy to understand and show the interested player that the game is played in real time. There is an immediate reaction and damage is instantaneous.

A definite advantage is the usability of existing 6 mm miniatures. Be it as generic or own construction. Experienced Battletech players will notice that the retro bots are very similar to their mechs. There are freely available unit cards for them and of course these hardbots are also damn strong opponents.

What you need for the game: A 90 x 90 cm battlefield, enough W12 (6 to 10 dice would be appropriate), a tape measure (inches) and of course fun to play.

In addition to the Retrobots, there are 20-point Starter Packs for sale at Strato. If you're more into retrobots, you can now also find them at BenAD3d.

More information can be found in the Hardwar Game Group:


Mech Tournament, Single-K.O.

Take part and choose what your opponent has to fight with on the battlefield!

Registration pdf can now also be filled out digitally:
Fill out registration form to:
- or print it out and hand it in at the con until 5:30 pm.

For more info - click on the picture ;O)

There's a new sheriff in town - Scenario

Planet Batavia 8 July 3142
Meeting room of the Marabu

Major Brackmann enters the briefing room and steps behind the lectern. "Good afternoon soldiers we have received a call for help from the Governor of Batavia. The Mafia is trying to gain control of the planet. We are landing immediately and will investigate the situation in the
in the capital of the planet. The intelligence service assumes that we will meet an equal opponent. So we need the support of the authorities and the population of the planet. So we will provide whatever support we can. Everyone listen to the radio for calls for help. When the second transport lands, you will have support. All mech warriors into their machines and good hunting."

Choose the Sherriff's and drive out the mob.
Long live the Republic!

At about the same time in a hangar near the capital.

The Capo enters the briefing room and stands in front of the large monitor. "Family the dirty governor, despite our financial support, has the gall to call in a unit of militia. The first of the two landing ships has just arrived and the units are heading towards the centre of the city. Since we want to avoid major damage there, we attack the militia troops in the suburbs. A bonus is that the annoying police chief and the governor have their houses. Nico, Luigi, Matteo and Giulia get into your Mechs and show the sons of bitches. As soon as the other mechs are ready, I'll send them to support you. To you braves, show your loyalty on the battlefield.

Choose the mafia and defend your organisation. Business must be conducted!

Distillery Tour @ Phoenix Con

In the neighbouring village of Zorge (Walkenried) lies the whisky distillery Hercynian Distilling Co.

The idea came up to do a joint distillery tour as part of the Phoenix Con and now we are doing it ;O)

This year's "WEE DRAM" tour is fully booked!

Let me know if we should organise it again for next year...

File:Alpha-Strike- Commanders Edition (Cover).jpeg

Alpha Strike on Hex

Alpha Strike - I don't know - there's no hex at all!
Let's find out if it doesn't work with.

Immerse yourself in a fast-paced game, on familiar Hex terrain, in the struggle of Inner Spheres and clans to make further decisions in the ongoing conflict.

File:Alpha-Strike- Commanders Edition (Cover).jpeg

File:Alpha-Strike- Commanders Edition (Cover).jpeg


Dieses Jahr geht es wild zu:

  • acht Fahrzeuge
  • acht Runden
  • ein Acht als Strecke und...
  • acht Punkte zum Sammeln!

Auf dem Phoenix Con 2023 wird es ein Rennen um Punkte geben und die Gegner rempeln, schießen und klauen die schwer ergatterten Punkte.

Ein Fun-Game am Freitag ab 17h mit Voranmeldung bei Dark Star!
Regeln und Erklärungen erhalten die Spieler direkt beim Event.

CAV Rules - Battletech Miniatures

CAV (CombatAssaultVehicle) wurde um 1998 von Reaper Miniatures "erfunden" und hat eine eigene 10mm (1:200) Miniatur Reihe. An neue Modelle zu kommen ist in Deutschland selbst mit dem SciFiTrader echt schwierig. Daher werde ich für die Demo, BattleTech miniaturen verwenden. Ich denke jeder BattleTech Spieler wird sich schnell zu Hause fühlen, dank Autokanonen, Laser, Partikel Kanonen, Rail Guns und Mehrfach Raketen Werfern. Jede Einheit hat eine eigene Datenkarte mit Schlüsselwörtern zu den Fähigkeiten. (die ich übersetzen werde) Da wir BattleTech Einheiten verwenden, werden die Karten individuell erstelt sein die dem Modell so gerecht wie möglich sein werden. Ich werde etwa 50 Mechs vorbereiten, vielleicht auch mehr + Fahrzeuge und Infanterie. (Longbow z.B. wird 2 Light Rocket Packs 5 und 2 Heavy Rocket Packs 20 haben)

Battletech:Destiny Override

Sebastian gives you an insight into Death From Above Wargaming's hybrid system, which elegantly combines
Classic Battletech,
Alpha Strike and the
Mechwarrior:Destiny roleplaying system.

Demos for 2-4 interested players,
Duration 2,5-3 hours.
All material will be provided by Sebastian.

Battletech Override Scenario

File:Alpha-Strike- Commanders Edition (Cover).jpeg

It is the year 3038. The war against Kurita is imminent and Hanse Davion has commissioned numerous undertakings that should give him a further advantage. One of these undertakings is the search for an SLDF cache, which is supposed to be hidden in the border area to the Draconis Combine. In order to attract as little attention as possible, only a small group of mercenaries under the leadership of an FCIS agent has been sent to the remote planet Glenlivet. This group is to reconnoitre the situation and, if the rumours of an SLDF cache are confirmed, prepare a recovery...

The scenario takes place in the Override (formerly Destiny) system. Players should be familiar with the basics of the system. The scenario will be designed for 4-5 players and there will be two runs on Saturday. Here I ask for !pre-registration! At the con. A list will be posted.

Construction Tournament 2023


As you climb out of the troop carrier, you are greeted by hot desert air. You are looking at a wasteland, with only the huge mech hangar in front of you and a distant mountain range interrupting the reddish brown of the desert floor.

You are led into an administrative wing and left alone. Not a word passes the lips of the soldiers in the room.

It feels like hours pass before a tall, scrawny man enters the room. The soldiers immediately assume their posture until the man barks an "At ease".

The man stands in front of the projection screen and introduces himself. "I, General August, am the head of this facility. We have been tasked with a development, although we are a test facility. Through this, I have decided to bring you here as experienced designers. If some administrative person promised them something, you can forget it. That was a lie." He grins so diabolically that any objection sticks in your throat.

"Now for your task! You are to develop a combination consisting of a tank with wheel, chain or air cushion and a mech. Both units are to be used alone as well as together. The high command probably wants to save money again and not only use pure mech units. They will test their units in the simulator against other developers. Our test drivers and test pilots are available to them as operators. However, I can only provide them with our newcomers. The older ones are too involved in their programmes." He looks at your faces for a moment. "Before you ask me any questions, first read their mission description, which Sgt Black is about to hand out to you. Good luck!"

With that, the general leaves the room and a man holds folders in front of all of you and says: "Please follow me, I will now show you the facility and then your rooms. You can study the documents afterwards". With that he turns to the door and leads the way.


Construct a tank and a mech for 2500 points BV together. The mech must cost at least 1000 points and the tank at least 650 points. You can distribute the remaining points freely.

SSW and MegaMekLab are permitted as construction programmes. The tank can only be constructed in MegaMekLab. Select File → Switch Unit Type → Combat Vehicle. Please set the settings in the programmes to year 3066 and Advanced. Questions + submission until Sunday 22.10.2023 to:

For Chassi please enter the name of the mech for Model please enter your name!!!!

Piloting values: Gunnery 4 and Piloting 5.

Only Wheeled, Tracked or Hover is allowed for the vehicle.

The movement between the two units may only be one movement point apart.
So for example: 4/6 and 5/8 or 6/9 and 7/11.

Only standard jump jets are allowed.

Only standing ammunition, LBX as well as Artemis are to be used as ammunition.

Not available are:
- Inferno ammunition - Enhanced LRM - Mech Mechanical Jump Boosters - Direct Neural Interface Cockpit - Smart Robotic Control System (SRCS) - Vehicular Mine Dispenser. (Further restrictions reserved)

Jellytech - Battletech for Kids !!!

Join in a game where (almost) everything is edible. Be prepared for even the spectators to join in the battle. The rules are simple, the game is fast, the winners and losers get eaten.

A fun tournament aimed primarily at children.

Participation fee 5 €    >>>  this and all other proceeds go to the German Children's Cancer Aid Foundation.
Parents and other spectators may influence the game with further monetary donations.

We are looking forward to a lively participation and willingness to donate.

This year again, the BT flea market will take place during our con in Hohegeiß.
This will again give you the opportunity to buy our devotional objects.

We have already collected a lot of material (new and used) for treasure hunters.

If you still want to part with a few things or are looking for something, please contact us.
For organisational reasons, please let us know by 22 October at the latest.

Offers and searches to us at:

More info as the con gets closer !


With our lasertag set, you can just get out for some fresh air and some exercise before heading back to the game table.

The kids are always very happy about that ;O)


Board games for everyone

A great range of current and tried-and-tested games for everyone, big and small.

You are also welcome to bring your own games and offer rounds of games.

A break, a little distraction, something different or just not in the mood for BT - you'll get help here ;O)

Some of you may remember this FASA classic:

Exciting aerial combat in an alternative 1930s timeline over the former United States. Heroic pilots and their wingmen fight against air pirates and enemy zeppelins.

There will be an introductory round for new cadets and a scenario for veteran veterans. The game system will look familiar to any BT player: Hex cards, data sheets with armour and internal components, and miniatures. Differing features are the movement phase and that there is a damage template.

Translated with (free version)